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"Side Hustle: The Low-Cost, Step-by-Step Guide to Business Success" is more than just a book. It provides access to additional resources that will help guide you along the path and give you a competitive advantage over others. These resources, exclusive to book purchasers, include structured brainstorming techniques, an interactive questionnaire to find your passion, and a guide to uncovering your hidden assets.

side hustle how to create your usp

Bonus 1. Structured Brainstorming. This PDF download will show you how to prioritise and rank your side hustle idea. Used by multi-national companies this process is a sure fire way to find the best, most profitable side hustle for you.

side hustle find your life purpose

Bonus 2. Find your passion. This interactive questionnaire will talk you through different aspects of your life to find what drives you and what would make the perfect side hustle for you.

side hustle hidden assets

Bonus 3. Uncover your hidden assets. A PDF download that helps you to create an inventory of all the skills, knowledge, and unique perspectives you have. Then apply that to finding the best side hustle for your unique skillset.

Bonus 4. Be part of the community. Having access to the right peer group of supportive, like-minded individuals is crucial. You are not alone on this journey. Have a question, problem, or issue? Then leave a comment below and ask the community because chances are that someone has already been there and has an answer.

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