About talkingcures

What can you expect from our free online therapy?

Put simply, change. We all have things in our lives that we want to change. We have formed attitudes, made decisions, and enacted behaviours that limit our potential and stop us being the best versions of ourselves. Sometimes those old negative feelings and behaviours just refuse to go away, they effect our mental health and wellbeing. We know rationally that if only we could be rid of those old habits, emotions and behaviours we’d feel and be so much better, yet they they are still with us.

talkingcures is here, to help finally put them behind you, and it’s probably why you’re here too. At this point we'd like to remind you that talkingcures is not the only option. Speaking about his own experiences of mental health therapy, the British comedian Jimmy Carr said during a tv interview “The first thing a therapist should say to a client is that there are other options, it’s not just this, use whatever works for you.” That’s good advice, we would always suggest that you use whatever works for you. If talkingcures works for you, if it feels right then that's great. If for any reason it doesn’t, you owe it to yourself to move on and find something that does.

Does online therapy work?

talkingcures gives you an easy way to talk through your issues. If you've ever had a personal face-to-face coaching or therapy session, imagine having that type of dialogue online. That's how our talkingcures therapy sessions work. During the sessions we’ll gently ask questions, and you’ll respond with whatever comes to mind. That response will then suggest another question. And so on. Our gentle theraputic prompting will help guide you towards new thoughts, feelings, and insights on what was bothering you. It will help you see the problem from a different perspective, make it feel different and at some point during the process, sooner or later, you may notice that you begin to feel differently about that old problem.

talkingcures 24/7 personal free therapy online coaching

24/7 personal coaching

You can get help from our talkingcure therapy sessions quickly and easily because our coaching app is always available, ready and waiting, so the healing dialogue happens whenever you need it, wherever you are, whenever you want. Many users prefer the fact that there’s no one else actively involved in the session, it's very personal and private, and this makes them feel more relaxed, more likely to open up because of the anonymity.

And on that subject of anonymity, whatever comes up during the sessions is totally confidential, you're fully protected by our terms and conditions, privacy policy and client confidentiality. Like other industry professionals, unless legally required to do so, we would never reveal or share any personal data with a third party.

All of the therapy and coaching sessions are free to use and easily accessible, available just when you need them. You may choose to have add-ons that provide more in-depth insight and transcripts of the session. These paid for extras help fund and maintain the site, but all the sessions are free at the point of use. Think of talkingcures as your mental health first responder, always on hand, ready to give you another option, another way to be rid of that old problem.

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How effective are talkingcures?

talkingcures online therapy sessions have been proven to be helpful for many negative emotions and behaviours. For example, the sessions include the exact same techniques and process used by us in practice for decades. The best publicised example of the effectiveness of our work was a during a public trial of therapies. In that trial the techniques we use totally removed a thirty-year needle phobia in less than two hours. The result was widely featured in the UK National press, specifically the Daily Mail and Women's Own magazine. So, talkingcures and the techniques it uses are proven to work. Quickly.

Obviously, these sessions are not a substitute for, or intended to be used instead of a face-to-face professional consultation. talkingcures are for anyone who feels they are in need of some mental health triage, a little extra help, coaching or guidance because for whatever reason they can’t get an appointment with a therapist or qualified medical professional. talking cures therapy sessions are often the first stage of a process, a first responder supplying triage as required.

People who have used talkingcures are quoted as saying,
"It cuts through that jumble of thoughts, feelings and voices in my head and helps me make sense of them",
“It is just like giving yourself permission, allowing yourself to feel better...”,
“it’s important, I would definitely recommend",
“it isn't a complete magic wand (nothing is) but it has dramatically made a difference”
and it has “definitely helped".

Others have who have used the exact same talkingcures have said "It replays things I’ve already said in a different way", and “with generic techniques”. With such contrasting reactions to the same session, who’s right?

In truth, both are. talkingcures “isn’t a complete magic wand” it won’t suit everyone, nothing does. But one thing that is true, because the sessions work with and respond to your input, you will get out what you put in. The quality of your responses will make talkingcures work and help you begin to change for the better.

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How does it work?

Our sessions are based on a therapeutic coaching style that has been in use for over 60 years to create positive change quickly and with minimum stress. talkingcures uses a combination of Neurolinguistic, Hypnosis and Time-Line techniques wrapped into our proprietary online interactive sessions. Although the sessions have been designed by qualified professionals, there is no human coach listening and responding at the other end of the conversation. When you talk to us during a talkingcures session, every response we give is prompted by your answers, with the talkingcures app choosing the most appropriate questions, interventions, or techniques to help you begin to resolve the presenting problem. Throughout the session your progress will be checked, suggestions made, and perhaps even practical tasks or goals set, to be completed before moving on.

Work in your own time, at your own comfortable pace. You don’t always have to complete the session in one go, as you can pause, stop to evaluate what’s happened, then return to where you left off. Each talkingcures session is left open for you to complete for 14 days before the session is automatically ended.

Have you ever watched or seen a movie more than once? When you have did you see and hear things next time around that you missed the first-time? Did you appreciate or notice different things? talkingcures sessions work in a similar way. Once you have completed a session, you can go back and repeat it, before moving on to another session because although the structure of the session may be similar, your responses to it will be different. You'll be in a different place so you'll feel, hear and see things that you were not aware of the first-time around. This repetition allows you to extract the maximum value from each session.

talking cures each free session is conducted in the first person

Imagine talkingcures as your inner voice

During the session you are the only person contributing to the dialogue, so the session is really about you talking to yourself, with talkingcures playing the role of your inner voice. That’s why, where appropriate, the session is conducted in the first person.

In a traditional coaching session, you might be asked by the coach “What is it you want to do?” and you might answer ‘believe in myself’. Then they might reply “So what you want to do is believe in yourself?”

At key moments during these sessions, talkingcures becomes that voice in your head, so would instead ask “What is it I want to do?” and you might answer ‘believe in myself’. Then that inner voice and might then go on to say “So, what I really want to do is believe in myself. How might I do that?” or “If I did believe in myself, how would I feel?”

Do you see the difference? Apart from being a more personal dialogue, the important parts of the conversation during the session are in the first person, because it reflects the fact that you are the only person involved.

let talkingsures free therapy online help you live your best life

What talkingcures are available?

There are talkingcures for a range of common underlying issues that affect and prevent people from living their best lives or being the best version of themselves. Currently there are talkingcure sessions available for negative emotions, feelings, behaviours and life-coaching . There are also some sessions for physical issues, specifically things like pain control, headaches and migraine that talkingcures may be able to help with. To find out if there’s a talkingcures session for you, simply take a look in our available sessions section, which will guide you to the most appropriate session. If not, join our mailing list and we'll let you know when one does become available.

When you start, chose the free trial session in that category before moving onto other sessions. The trial sessions contain some core concepts and ideas that will be needed for the other sessions. Then feel free to use them at your own pace, in your own time, as often as you need. Before you start we encourage you to read our terms and conditions which are there to protect both you and us.

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Repetition is the mother of learning

No one goes to the gym once and expects to be fit, no one does couch to 5k in one session, working on your mental health and wellbeing is just the same. The more you practice the better it gets. Often repetition is key. That’s why our coaching sessions are designed to be used more than once. We encourage you to use them on a regular basis to work on aspects of the same problem or new issues. In that way each session will be unique and provide new thoughts, learnings, and insights.

talkingcures is an ongoing journey

We’re working hard to expand the catalogue of coaching sessions and create additional resources. If what you want isn't there yet, we apologise, if you're on our mailing list you could always suggest a topic, as we welcome any feedback. Often there will be off-session materials suggested that work in tandem with the talkingcure sessions.

talking cures additional coaching resources

Beyond the talkingcures sessions, what other help do you provide?

Full transcripts of your session, unique and personal to you, the transcript provides a copy of everything discussed during the session. There is a small in-session charge for this service but it allows you to review what was said, make additional notes, gain a different perspective, change answers based on your new experience and re-evaluate in a way that often provides new learnings, insights, and understanding. Perhaps it’s not surprising that the full session transcript is our most popular add on.

Deep dive, advanced session add-ons, in most sessions there's the option to purchase an extra element to the session. These add-ons use advanced theraputic techniques to delve deeper into the presenting problem, which will provide profound insights and suggest actionable solutions. These will be made available if during the session we feel it's appropriate and useful.

In-session purchases can be made with a credit/debit card via Stripe the payment platform used by millions of online businesses.

The talkingcures Resource Centre is where you'll find our library of books relating to the topics discussed in the sessions, how the sessions are structured and useful background information. Some of the books are our personal favourites, that contain concepts, thoughts and ideas that have helped us navigate our way through life. Others are text books that outline the theory and structure of the techniques we use.

talkingcures free online therapy small changes make big differences

What if you could let go of that problem right now?

How would you feel? How would you act? If you could just let go of that old problem. Imagine that you could scoop it all up in one hand and throw it away. Just think how your life would be different from now on.

Or you could just decide to continue on in the way you have.

It's always about the choices we make, and this is your choice. And consider that now it’s easy, with talkingcures to try something different, something positive, is it not? Perhaps, with a little gentle guidance from us you may begin to imagine how your life could quickly change for the better.

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Can I start right now?

Yes, you can. We are here 24/7 ready to talk and waiting to help. Take a look at the free sessions on offer, or take the short 'Which Session Is Right For Me?' questionnaire below and we'll suggest the most appropriate place to start. Whatever you decide to do, whatever you choose, we wish you well on your journey.