Anxiety Course

Welcome to the talkingcures course for Anxiety. The first task is to make this anxiety course both personal and effective, to compile a course that will give you the greatest chance of success. Much like finding a personal coach that you are totally at ease and comfortable with, your answers to the Personal Profile will enable talkingcures to choose the style, elements and sessions that will work best for you.

It's the difference between buying off-the-peg and having something tailor made, this alone will greatly improve the speed and effectiveness of the course. The Personal Profile isn't specifically about the anxiety. It is more to understand how you process, store and filter information, at a structural level. Therefore, some of the questions asked won't make much sense, that's because they are not designed to be answered consciously, it should be an instinctive, gut feel.

This will provide clues as to how you have processed, stored, and filtered the anxiety in the past and then indicates best combination of sessions to remove it. But it's not just the best 10 sessions that are suggested, although that would be very useful on its own. The profile also indicates the way in which memories are stored and understanding that structure is vital for reducing anxiety. And finally, it suggests the linguistic style and personality traits that will make the sessions feel, sound, look right, and make sense.

That's quite a lot from a 3-minute questionnaire! At the end of the Profile, you'll be directed to the Anxiety Course page that's tailored for you. There you'll find the ten sessions with pre-session notes and if applicable, after session homework.

Shall we begin?


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