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Our free therapy and coaching sessions are structured to focus and work in five distinct areas. To know more about the sessions and courses available in each, click on the relevant green button below the description.

What makes talkingcures different?

There are four things that make talkingcures, stand out from other online coaching and therapy options.

  1. The sessions are not generic. They are personal, interactive and directed by the answers you give.
  2. All therapy sessions, courses and materials are available 24/7, exactly when you need them.
  3. There are (and we're adding more all the time) free sessions available in every area of our expertise.
  4. All of the therapeutic coaching sessions can be repeated and used as often as you need.

every talkingcures free therputic coaching session is personal to you anger sadness fear guilt

Interactive therapy sessions directed by your responses.

Using a conversational style, your responses influence the direction and structure of the coaching session helping to guide you along the most effective path. Things you have mentioned may be re-iterated to aid re-evaluation of old thoughts and behaviours. The result is a uniquely personal session directly connected to your needs.

Clients say that it’s just one of the reasons they find talkingcures coaching sessions so relaxing, comfortable and effective.

On call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

One of the many advantages of talkingcures being web based is that it is always on call, available for you to use when and where you need it. Assuming you can connect to the internet, talkingcures will be ready and waiting to help.

Free therapy sessions, for everything, always.

The need for coaching and counselling has never been greater, yet it can be hard to find good, effective therapists, counsellors and coaches. Even if you can afford a private consultation, it’s not always easy to find someone to help. Public healthcare systems are stretched to bursting point, good private practitioners have long-waiting lists and the traumas of the last few years haven’t made that situation any easier.

That’s why our therapy sessions are free to use, we’ll always have free sessions available in all areas of our expertise. So that people who want to talk can use them for free, as often as they like, whenever they need them, with our compliments. There’s no need to purchase anything, although we do offer therapeutic coaching courses and some in-session add-ons to help fund the site.

The only thing we ask of you in return for using talkingcures is to share your experience with others, to help spread the word about talkingcures.

Use the sessions more than once.

Change is an ongoing process, so we’d encourage you to use our therapy sessions as often as you need or go back to previous sessions and go over them again and again. By repeating a session you'll have a different experience as you’ll feel differently about the problem and will gain new insights. That's one reason why no session is ever quite the same because as your thoughts and feelings about the issue evolve and change, so will what you get from the session.

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What can I expect during a talkingcures session?

Every time you start a therapy session, you’ll be asked some background questions to establish if the session is both suitable and appropriate. That's a professional practice requirement. Assuming the session is suitable, you'll then be asked to define the presenting problem, the situations that trigger it, what happens and how it makes you feel. Every session starts as if it's the first time you have used it because, even though it might be the same issue you’ve been working on before, previous sessions may well have altered your perception, the way you represent it and the language you use to describe it. For you to be aware of these changes and the progress being made is an important part of the process. So, as you begin to heal, expect the problem to change, the words you use to describe it to change and the type and intensity of the feelings to change. That’s a sign that the sessions are working as intended.

Each online therapy session is focused around making changes to the issue as you experience it now. The sessions use a combination of Neurolinguistics, Hypnosis, Future Pacing and Time-Line therapeutic coaching techniques. Designed in a way to gently peel away the layers of emotion and feeling that surround the problem, making it less intense and less emotive after every session. Then sooner or later at some point in the process, as it fades, it will just cease to be an issue and you may find that it is no longer an issue, that it clears up, once and for all. Perhaps, it will disappear for good.

talkingcures free coaching therapy courses how they work

To use a metaphor, think of the problem as playing a game of Jenga, the presenting problem has been built over time, becoming more, not less intense. It’s been stacking layers of negative emotion, feeling and behaviour on top of each other for some time now. That’s why you find yourself here looking for a way to change or stop it.

Each therapeutic coaching session takes a turn to remove a block from the problem, the more sessions you do, the more likely is that the problem becomes increasingly unstable as the course progresses. In effect, the sessions undermine the foundations that were built over time, by the problem. Then at some point, the inevitable happens. As the foundations that held it together are removed, the problem weakens and topples over, breaking apart as it falls.

talkingcures can’t predict when or if during the process that might be, it might be early on or take a little longer, but from previous experience, that’s how it happens. All you need to do is to keep working through the sessions and repeating them when you feel it’s right.

Choose the most appropriate session or course from one of our five distinct areas.

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We have free online therapy sessions in five specific areas:

 talkingcures negative emotions free therapy online for anger fear sadness worry stress

Negative emotions
Are there feelings or emotions that you'd like to put behind you? Feelings that may have been affecting you for some time. These can include memories that have a negative influence or control your emotions, even feelings that hold you back in specific situations.

Perhaps you are troubled by feelings of anxiety, depression, guilt, stress, or worry in certain situations? Should you have a negative emotion that you’d like to finally put aside, then you'll find sessions to help in this section.

   negative emotions therapy coaching session

talkingcures free online therapy coaching sessions for anger agression self harm

Unwanted Behaviours
In certain situations, do you react or behave in ways that don't reflect the person you want to be? Do you sometime behave in a way that feels out of character? If you've found it hard to change in the past, if you are over-reacting to situations and want to change or want to choose to react in a different way, this section will help.

Examples of unwanted behaviours would be anger, addiction, compulsion or phobia.
  talking cures unwanted behaviours coaching therapy course

free online therapy coaching talkingcures physical feelings

Physical Feelings
Different to emotions these are feelings that originate in, are caused by, or are as a result of something physical in the body. Should you be affected by a feeling or sensation that is directly connected to something physical then this is the section for you.

Examples of physical feelings would be headaches, migraine, pain and back pain.

talkingcures physical feelings coaching course

talkingcures free coaching physical illness pain control

Physical Illness
The mind-body connection is well documented and accepted by modern science. These talkingcure courses and sessions explore the mind-body relationship between past traumatic events and their physical effect on the body. These sessions may not be for everyone, but if you believe the way you think and feel could influence your health, then you'll find a session here that may help.

talking cures physical illness courses

free business relationship life coaching therapy talkingcures

Life Coaching
Sometimes it's hard to see the wood from the trees. Would you like a life coach by your side whenever you need advice? Talkingcures life coaching is a results driven process and will enable you to have the ability to consistently achieve beneficial and measurable results in all areas and aspects of your life.

The life coaching course sessions will discuss your values, beliefs and motivations relating to the results you want and your perceived obstructions that prevent you from not achieving your goals. 

talkingcures life coaching course