Paid For Therapy Online

If you’ve experienced any of our free online therapy coaching sessions, you’ll know that they offer in-session add-ons. These are either a choice of an appropriate therapeutic technique that will increase your ability to achieve the result and provide real-life skills to help in the future or a transcript of the coaching session notes for you to review afterwards. These add-ons are individually priced and made available at the appropriate time during the actual therapy session.

These session add-ons enable us to keep the core therapy session free to use, whilst providing the choice of additional, paid for in-depth coaching if required. The one downside of this structure is that if you repeat the session, and we suggest that you do, then if you chose the additional coaching add-on again, it means having to pay separately for it each time.

In hindsight that doesn’t seem quite right or fair. If the add-ons were bought multiple times, that could become quite expensive. That was never our intention, so here in our Paid For Area is our solution.

talking cures therapy online total access coaching anxiety depression stress worry fear

Available soon - Total Access Therapy Coaching Sessions

For a small monthly or yearly subscription, it’s possible to buy unlimited access to a therapy session or group of sessions, including all the intensive techniques used and then receive transcripts afterwards. With our Total Access Therapy Coaching Sessions it’s possible to use the intensive techniques time after time on any present and future issues or compile a portfolio of full transcripts to plot and measure your development.

Typically the total access option is between 35% and 45% cheaper than buying the session add-ons individually. You'll save even more, if you repeat the sessions.

Guided Therapy Sessions

stop anxiety now audio guided therapy coaching session

Stop Anxiety Now an audio therapy session to reduce feelings of anxiety. Based on our Anxiety therapy coaching sessions this guided audio uses a combination of suggestion, visualisation and time-line techniques to gently shift the focus of your thoughts whilst techniques to help calm the sympathetic and reset the parasympathetic nervous systems.

This has the effect of resetting anxiety levels so that future events are less daunting. In many instances the emotional intensity associated with anxious situations is significantly reduced, the level of which is measured and demonstrated during the session.

talking cures online therapy weekly email interventions for stress anxiety worry fear sadness guilt depression

Available soon - Weekly Email Interventions

Remember repetition is the mother of learning and that no one goes to the gym once and expects to be fit. Working on your mental health and wellbeing is just the same, the more you practice the better it gets. That's why we're developing these 5-10 minute weekly coaching courses to help you maintain and build on the gains. Every week for eight weeks a new technique led session will arrive in your inbox. Each session is short and practical with techniques that can be used whenever you most need them. Then a simple goal will be set for the week, ready for the next session.

Negative Emotions

Unwanted behaviours

Physical feelings

Physical Illness - eight week physical health coaching course, these one-a-week practical sessions and the interventions are designed to enhance the mind-body connection to help boost your immune system.

Life Coaching