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Dream Meaning - Falling

Dreams about falling are some of the most common experienced. But what does it mean? If you google the topic, you’ll find many, many interpretations.

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Forbes Health suggest that falling means “we feel we have no support, either financial or emotional.”

Dream interpretation blogger Liam Porter feels it signifies “anything that is subject to falling or going up and down – finances, stocks, status, relationships, expectations.”

Dr Carl Jung believed falling indicated, “people who have unrealistic ideas or too high an opinion of themselves, or who make grand plans that are out of proportion to their real capabilities.”

Which if any are right and how can the most common dream have so many differing meanings?

Are Forbes Health, Lian Porter or Carl Jung, right? Well yes, they are and no they are not. Yes, they are because their interpretation of the symbolic meaning of falling in a dream is right for them. No they are not because their interpretation of falling in a dream is not right for you.

This demonstrates the basic issue with dream dictionaries or books on dream analysis and interpretation. The symbology for each dream is unique to the dreamer. Each symbol, falling in this instance means something slightly different to each of us and is interpreted in a different way.

Whilst you may dream of falling, what it means is not determined by Forbes, or Porter or Jung but by your own, personal interpretation of the symbology of falling (or any other element of your dream) contains. It’s your dream, your context, your symbology and your meaning. At best all a generic, non-personal definition or meaning from Forbes or Porter or Jung or anyone else for that matter can give you is a generic, non-personal definition or meaning.

To really want to understand the deeper personal message from dreams, you need to interpret the dream yourself.

Dream interpretation is is something that’s easier said than done. Look online and you find vague suggestions or techniques – write everything down, keep a dream diary, identify underlying emotions, pick out images or symbols. All of which are useful but not very helpful. Psyche Central even suggest that dream interpretation “might be best practiced with the help of a psychotherapist”. Again, not much help as good therapists can be hard to find and even harder to afford.

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You could be trained to do it for yourself, all you need is a spare month or two to practice meditation and learn the meaning of dream symbolism. Or you could use an easy, step-by-step process that’s available right now. It uses the latest interactive dream software to guide talk you through the dream and its meaning. This process helps you make your own interpretations, judgements, and conclusions. The good news is that it takes just 10-15 minutes which is a big saving on two months of meditation!

Passed down through generations of Kahunas this method of dream interpretation is based on an ancient Hawaiian way to decode symbolism. This ancient process has been brought up to date and encoded into our unique one-to-one interactive interpretation session. The result is a quick and effective way to personally analyse any dream. During the session questions will be asked to guide you through process of discovering exactly what message the dream has for you, which area of life it relates to and what to do as a result.

Users have called it the most accurate dream interpretation system available online because step-by-step it guides you to through the symbology of the dream and what they represent in the context of your life. The session will then help decode the message hidden within the symbology your dream.

Use the Dream Interpretation Session to analyse your dreams for free. Try the process and if you like it and find it insightful and want more, simply upgrade to a more detailed, specific session.

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Interpret the key elements of your dream, then elicit and capture any meaning, feelings, learnings, or insights they have for you. The session will also summarise any action points that may arise as a result.

The complete Dream Interpretation Session is available for just £4.85. On conclusion a detailed transcript of the process, including your responses and any insights will be sent to you via email. This detailed summary gives you time to reflect on the insights and provides a valuable source of information on the innermost meaning of your thoughts and feelings.

Whatever version you decide to use, if you have a dream to interpret or have ever wondered about its real meaning then give yourself 15 minutes, find a quiet spot and let our Dream Interpretation Session be your guide.



The Dream Trilogy one comprehensive source for all aspects of dream analysis and interpretation.

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Understanding dreams can help improve mental health by identifying and addressing underlying issues that may be affecting well-being. By exploring the symbolism and themes in dreams, can help to develop a deeper understanding and personal connection. Together they help gain insight into the unconscious mind, uncover repressed emotions, process trauma, gain clarity on personal problems, and even spark creativity.

Book 1. Dream - Meaning and Insight. A deep dive into the methods of dream interpretation, including how dreams work, why we dream, and what different types of dreams may mean. It also delves into the different techniques for interpreting dreams. This book is great for those who are new to dream interpretation and want a comprehensive overview.

A PDF download of Dream Meaning & Insight is available from the talkingcures store.

Book 2. Dream Dictionary.. A comprehensive reference guide for interpreting dream symbols. It lists hundreds of common dream symbols and their possible meanings, from animals and places to objects and emotions. Each symbol is described in detail, often including various interpretations from different cultural or psychological perspectives. Unlike many dream dictionaries it lists common dream Archetypes and Themes and their meanings. This book is perfect for anyone who wants to better understand the meaning behind specific dream symbols.

A PDF download of the Dream Dictionary is available from the talkingcures store.

Book 3. Dream Journal. A personal diary specifically designed for recording and analysing dreams. Using a unique system of analysis that prompts development in health, wellbeing, and personal development, it’s ideal for anyone who wants to keep track of their dreams over time and gain insight into their own unconscious mind.

A PDF download of the Dream Journal is available from the talkingcures store.

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