Guided Relaxation - Expand Awareness

If you have ever felt disconnected from yourself, friends, family or colleagues, or would like to feel more connected the world around you, then this session may well help. This 18 minute pre-recorded guided relaxation session has been specificially developed to help expand awareness and feel more connected. It's best listened to with earphones in a quiet, comfortable place where you won't be disturbed.

The session will gently guide a progressive expansion of awareness, which may prompt different feelings about relationships and a hightened appreciation that everything and everybody are interconnected.

Notes on this Guided Relaxation

The session will guide you in a 3 second in, 6 second out breathing technique. The best way to do this is to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. As you breathe out through the mouth, shape the mouth to make a 'Haaaa' sound. Not surprisingly, this technique is called "Ha' breathing and is the breathing technique used by Hawaiian Kahunas to increase energy and expand their awareness. The vibration caused by the 'Haaaa' outbreath is key to this breathing technique as it strengthens the mind/body connection.

It's not unusual to fall asleep during the session, or realise that it's ending without being aware of what went before. Once the session has finished, you may want some way to record any new thoughts, new feelings and sensations that arise. This session can be used as often as needed.

guided relaxation to expand awareness