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Below you'll find useful background information that would be beneficial to read prior to starting. I can tell you a little about myself or if you just want to dive straight into the Life Coaching Trial Session, then click the ‘Life Coaching Trial Session’ button below. It’ll open the interactive session and you can begin right away.



talkingcures coaching sessions are designed to produce results and provide positive outcomes. It is a process that enable you to consistently achieve beneficial and measurable results in all areas and aspects of your life.

The coaching was designed as an entire programme, where each session builds on the last to provide maximum effect. That said if there is a specific area that requires immediate attention you could do the Trial Coaching session and then move directly to that area before coming back to complete the sequence.

Our presupposition is that if you are here reading this then you already have the resources you need to achieve the desired outcome. Our task is to facilitate the process so that you do. The sessions achieve that by asking questions (lots of questions) designed to help reveal and unlock those recourses, encourage you to act on any suggestions and perhaps dig a little deeper should you not.

Feedback from this Life Coaching Session.

At the end of the session, we ask for feedback as to what difference it made. These are some of the replies we've had:

"As a result, I feel I can do anything I put my mind to."
"It helped me figure out what it was I wanted and balance my options."
"I now believe that life is for the taking, it's all about mindset."

Follow these four frames to get the most out of this coaching session.

A frame of reference is similar to a rule, it's something that defines a way to act or behave. You’re more likely to get the best from the sessions if you read and agree with the following four rules of the coaching process. Because of the way that the unconscious mind works you don’t need to believe any of them are true, we only ask that, for the duration of the session, you act and behave as if they are.

As with many beliefs and rules in life, it’s more important that they serve you, than you believe them to be true. If you are more spiritual, then just have a little faith. If you can do that then the sessions will give you the results you need.

trust your instincts when a answer pops into your head

  1. Trust your unconscious mind.

Your conscious mind is the information you're aware of right now, looking at this text, being aware of what’s around you. It’s the voice you can hear in your head. Thinking the thoughts you do as you look at this screen

Your unconscious mind is information you are not aware of, until it just pops into your head. The colour of your front door, memories of your last holiday, your mobile phone number. You were not consciously thinking of any of those until I mentioned them and, Bing! They just popped into your head. When a question is asked during the sessions if you get that Bing! And an answer just pops into your head, whatever it is and even if it makes no sense if you think about it, trust your instincts as that’s exactly the right answer.

 Your unconscious mind also runs your body, keeps you breathing when you’re asleep, and stores all of your memories. If you have you ever driven somewhere and you can’t remember the journey, you have your unconscious mind to thank for getting you there.

During these sessions you’ll want to focus on the answers that just pop into your mind as if from nowhere, the unconscious answers; anything slower than Bing! or anything you ‘think’ is right is not the answer we’re looking for.  This is so important that the success of the session is dependent on your connection with your unconscious mind. No pressure then!

cause and effect act as if free life coaching

  1. Be at cause rather than effect.

A person who believes they are at cause has more control of a situation and remember you only need to behave as if you are, it’s okay to fake it till you make it.

A person who believes they are at effect has little or no control of a situation, even if in reality, they may have. Just by believing they don’t is often enough to render them helpless.

Like many things in life, it’s a choice, so during the sessions, and perhaps forever, act as if you have control, act as if you can make a difference, act as if you can be the vehicle for change. These sessions will encourage you to direct your attention onto what you want (be at cause), not why you can’t do something (at effect).

There are only two outcomes to getting the results you want in life. You’ll either get the result, or you have reasons and/or excuses for why you didn’t. Much of this coaching course is focussed around helping you identify and remove those reasons and/or excuses so that it’s easier to get you what you want.

take responsibility for the free coaching course results

  1. Take responsibility for the results

talkingcures is just a coach, we can’t take the actions suggested for you. That part is up to you. You are the one that has to make this work, and ultimately, it’s your responsibility to do so. The success, results and value of these coaching session is up to you. If that sits comfortably then you’ll do just fine.

  1. Achieving your goals consistently

Taking responsibility is easier when you know that there are just three things that must happen every time for coaching to work.

  1. Believe or act as if you are at cause for the results you get as the responsibility will be all yours. Oh, and yes that does mean you’ll have to give up any excuses.
  1. Take action when it’s suggested. It’s important to turn and idea or thought into an action. It makes it real and sets you along a path towards your goal.
  1. Focus on what you want. Stay positive, imagine the successful outcome and keep moving towards it.

what to expect free talkingcures life coaching session

What to expect during the Life Coaching Trial Session

We’ll start with gaining some clarity and distinctions around those two little questions, how do I achieve the life of my dreams, and what’s my purpose?

As it’s our belief, and remember you don’t have to believe this is true, but for this life coaching act as if it is, that we gain more inner peace, connection to what’s important, and sense of achievement if we do things that are aligned with our core values and purpose. So, to begin we’ll elicit your purpose and values, check that they and your current direction are aligned and if not help you to ensure that they are. It we’ll work through your beliefs about your life’s direction, the values you have, what’s important to you and how any of that may change because of what you learn during the session. That will enable us to create your Life Statement, a short pointer on the direction to take to live the life of your dreams. Then we’ll create some goals for you to act on.

The session is important as without being clear on your purpose, all the other life coaching sessions will be less effective. Expect it to last around 20 - 40, minutes depending on what comes up and if you decide to invest in the extra session.

This session is confidential. Like other industry professionals, unless legally required to do so we would share the content with a third party. It's protected by our terms and conditions, privacy policy and client confidentiality. 

Are you sitting comfortably?

As the first session, it’s best to find somewhere quiet and relaxing. You’ll be answering questions and thinking about your life, its direction and purpose, so it’s best to find a calm space, somewhere you won’t be disturbed. Often people stop to reflect on what's said during the session, or make notes, so take as much time as you need for it to give you the most benefit.

In-session extras

If appropriate, during the session you may be offered an add-on where, for a small charge, there is an option to purchase an in-depth technique that will provide extra help during the session. Also, you may want a full transcript of the session emailed to you afterwards. Apart from providing a valuable copy of how you reached your life direction, the add-on helps to fund and maintain talkingcures to keep it free at the point of use. The add-on helps both you and us, so please consider a purchase if appropriate.

In-session purchases can be made with a credit/debit card via Stripe the payment platform used by millions of online businesses.

Let’s begin

Click on the blue 'Life Coaching Trial Session' prompt below to below to begin the session dialogue. If the session doesn't pop-up, then you may need to change your browser settings to allow pop-ups. Once you have finished, please read the post-Session notes below.




talkingcures interactive free life coaching trial session

Post Session Notes

Because you'll be working through the session and the things you have discovered, please don't repeat this trial session or any other life coaching session until you have acted upon your Goal Suggestions.

Goal Suggestions

Whatever you decided to do today and this week, you owe it to yourself to do them. This positive act is key to moving towards your life direction. So, take those first steps on the journey, demonstrate your commitment and take action.

Life Statement

You worked hard to create your Life Statement, so have a copy of it on view. It'll remind you every day the direction you are going in. Along the path we all run into obstacles that test our resolve. Your Life Statement will help to make any lows you encounter a little less low and the highs, much, much higher. And of course if you chose the Anchoring option you'll know exactly how to deal with those obstacles in the first place!

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