Negative Emotion Sessions and Courses

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Negative Emotions Trial Session

If this is your first time, then start with the trial session as the pre-session notes provide valuable ideas and advice that will help you get the most from this and future sessions.

If you have a negative emotion, for example anxiety, fear, worry, stress, guilt, anger, despair, that you'd like to change, then this 15-35 minute session is a good introduction into the talkingcures style. You should expect to gain some insights and strategies into how to begin to reduce or remove that old emotion.

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 talking cures negative emotions free therapy coaching session

Negative Emotions 'Find the Cause' Session

This is the natural next session as all negative emotions had a starting point, a root cause. Before that point the emotion didn't exist for you, neither did the effect it has. Finding that cause and understanding the gestalt it triggered can help break the emotional chain that has built up over the years.

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