Phobia Audio Files

The 15 Minute Phobia book structure is detailed below. The audio is designed to be used in conjunction with the books, as it may refer to specific sections in the book, either to make notes or to highlight a point. All of the 15 Minute Therapy Phobia audio files are available to listen to via the links, which will open as a new page.

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15 Minute Phobia Therapy

  1. Before using fifteen minute therapy listen to:
    It's time to change
    Let's change the emotions
    Increase positive thoughts
    Eliminate the negative killer questions
  1. How these fifteen minute therapies work.
    The internet, social media and television exert a powerful influence, that  informs opinion, changes behaviour and provides a window on the outside world that has a direct effect on our thoughts, feelings, emotions and attitudes. Internally your thoughts have exactly the same effect on your body.

Part One: The Detailed Personal History

  1. How the sessions are structured.
    There are two parts to this phobia cure, In the first four sessions we’ll conduct a detailed personal history that maps out the causes, triggers and feelings you associate with needles and injections. 
  2. Finding the phobic trigger.
    The first step to removing your needle phobia is to recall what caused it in the first place. To begin we’ll need a better understanding the 'significant emotional event' that originally triggered this phobia. 
    Finding the phobic trigger
  3. Why your phobia has been getting worse
    Breaking the phobia gestault
  4. Changing the sub-modalities
    Subjective units of distress
    Changing the phobia sub-modalities
  1. Removing any secondary gain
    Removing the secondary gain         

Part Two: The Fifteen Minute Interventions.

Will change the way that you feel about those old emotions that surround your phobia. By changing them bit by bit we will undermine their structure, make them weaker so that they change and collapse.

  1. The emotional switch
    Changing the emotional switch
  2. The music therapy
    Music Therapy
  3. Word replacement therapy
    Word Replacement
  4. Disconnect the connection
    Disconnect the emotional connection
  5. And finally...


talkingcures phobia therapy coaching workbook pdf

The Phobia Workbook

Capture your responses to the questions asked in the book in this workbook. It also includes an additional bonus 15 minute therapy. To download click on the image above.