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Can the mind directly affect the body?

Before we get into any physical illness sessions or courses, it’s important to talk about why and how these sessions may prompt a physical change. To do that, please consider the following...

Did you know that Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London UK, started teaching patients to use visualisation techniques to aid treatment in the mid 1990’s?

Named the ‘White Knight’ technique, patients diagnosed with leukaemia being treated with chemotherapy were encouraged to use visualisation techniques to aid their treatment. The suggestion was that they visualise their white blood cells as strong and powerful ‘white knights’ charging around their bodies killing off the ‘black knight’ leukaemia cells.

Those that used the visualisation technique seemed to progress and go into remission much faster than would normally be expected. Now some thirty years later, encouraging patients to use visualisation techniques to aid recovery, is commonplace.

placebo cancer study talking cures

Can psychotherapy and hypnosis improve Cancer outcomes?

Stanford psychiatrist David Spiegel originally conducted a medical study to set out to prove that the mental state of patients did not influence their ability to survive cancer.

He chose eighty-six women with breast cancer that had advanced beyond the help of conventional treatment. Forty-three of the group were given a combination of weekly psychotherapy and lessons in self-hypnosis. During the weekly sessions he encouraged them to change the way they thought about their cancer and to use the hypnosis to strengthen their immune systems.

Spiegel followed the progress of the group for ten years. He was amazed to find that the forty-three women who received psychotherapy and hypnosis survived on average twice as long as those that did not. Ten years after the original study all of the women that were still alive were from the therapy group.

So, the study that set out to prove that the mental state of patients did not influence their ability to survive cancer proved exactly the opposite.

placebo more effictive than drugs

Is it all in the mind?

The placebo effect is well known. It is a measured, observed, or felt improvement in health and well-being that is not directly attributable to an active element in the treatment. Even though the placebo effect is ‘all in the mind’ it can exert a powerful effect on the body. So much so that psychologist Irving Kirsch believes that the effectiveness of Prozac and similar drugs may be attributed almost entirely to the placebo effect. "The critical factor is our beliefs about what's going to happen to us. You don't have to rely on drugs to see profound transformation."

So having a positive attitude may be directly related not only to physical well-being but also speed of recovery from injury or illness. Objective measurements of symptoms such as blood pressure and post-operative swelling have found real physical changes can and do.

talkingcures physical free trial session illness images can effect cancer

So perhaps it's no surprise that an increasing number od well-respected professionals feel that treating the mind as well as the body is a more efficient solution.

Dr Carl Simonton, oncologist and Director of the Cancer Counselling and Research Centre in Dallas, found that an image formed in the mind can have an effect on something as formidable as cancer.

“Healing a person at the mental level is stronger and produces longer lasting results.” Richard Gerber

“The reason illnesses often recur is that medicine currently treats only the physical level.” William Tiller

Physicist David Bohm thinks it’s no surprise that images in the mind can ultimately manifest as realities in the physical body.

How might the placebo effect improve physical health?

A report for the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee reported ‘The placebo effect is not just an imagined experience but can positively improve objective biological measures of health.’ and that ‘Evidence from a wide range of studies indicates that placebo therapies in the context of conventional medicine can provide some relief from a huge range of conditions including allergies, angina, some forms of cancer, cerebral infarction, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, ulcers and warts.’

The report then suggests that ‘Part of the conventional doctor’s armoury may include inert capsules and sugar pills.’ And that ‘All treatments, physically active or otherwise, have a psychological impact…’ and should be considered ‘…an essential part of any holistic therapy.’

In the same report Professor Patrick Bateson, Vice President of the Royal Society explained how your thoughts affect you physically ‘…when somebody suffers chronic stress, bereavement or loses a job, under those conditions they are much more prone to disease and more likely to get cancer, and now it is believed that this is because of suppression of the immune system … so if you do the opposite of that and give the patient some reassurance and if they are given a treatment which they believe in, then this will enhance the immune response.’

meditation can boost the immune system

How can meditation improve the immune system?

Research by Herbert Benson of the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston discovered that meditation can boost the activity of genes that improve immune system. It’s already known that ‘short periods of stress have psychological effects that are harmful in the long term’ but it now appears that the opposite is also true. In his study a test group who meditated for just as a few minutes a day saw a measurable improvement in cellular energy, an increase insulin production and reduction of the wearing and aging process of cells.

Also, the genes that controlled chronic inflammation became less active which reduced the chance of high blood pressure and heart disease. Blood samples taken from the test subjects showed that these gene changes happened within minutes and that regular meditation makes these beneficial changes long-term. He is now looking at using meditation to help high blood pressure, inflammatory bowel disease and cancer.

talking cures free trial session physical illness stress inhibits immune system

Do your beliefs about illness serve you?

Sometimes it’s better to believe something that serves you, irrespective as to whether others believe it to be true or not. For this session it would serve you to believe that believing it’s possible to affect an outcome, rather than believing that it’s not. Because as we already know, just by believing something or doing something is often enough to make a difference.

To believe it’s possible to affect an outcome, is a choice, one you can make right now. So, our suggestion would be that during the sessions, and perhaps forever, is to act as if you have control, act as if you can make a difference, act as if you can be the instrument of change. Just like the White Knights of Great Ormond Street, these sessions will help stimulate and direct your immune system onto the problem, hopefully with the same results. Reconsider any beliefs around illness that don’t serve you and for the purpose of this session, put them aside.

talking cures physical illness trail session trust you unconscious mind

Trust your unconscious mind.

We all have a conscious and an unconscious mind. Your conscious mind is everything you’re aware of right now, looking at this text, being aware of what’s around you. It’s the voice you can hear in your head. Thinking the thoughts, you do as you look at this screen

Your unconscious mind is all information you are not aware of, until it just pops into your head. The colour of your front door, memories of your last holiday, your mobile phone number. You were not consciously thinking of any of those until I mentioned them and, Bing! They just popped into your head. This session is designed influence your unconscious mind, so when a question is asked, if you get that Bing! And an answer just pops into your head, whatever it is and even if it makes no sense, trust that instinct.

A strong connection with your unconscious mind is important as it runs your body and controls your immune system. Your unconscious mind doesn’t operate on a logical level, so don’t expect the session, the techniques, or your answers to make logical sense. It may not make much sense, so just trust your instincts because it will to your unconscious mind.

So, is it all in the mind, really?

Well, it seems that the more you believe that it is, the more effect on your body it may have. If you agree with Professor Bateson that ‘your thoughts affect you physically’, then perhaps it's time to start the talkingcures trial session created to influence those thoughts…

In-session extras

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Let’s begin

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Post-Session Notes

Homework - Understanding and coming to terms with the Significant Emotional Event which happened before the onset of the illness is a major factor in boosting the immune system. Please consider repeating the trial session once you have had time to consider the insights from this session. When dealing with physical illness it's always beneficial to repeat sessions on a regular basis. Releasing the emotions that surround that event, will help you be as psychologically prepared as you can be for the future.

In the meantime there are a number of ways to help keep yourself mentally fit which will help boost your immune system.

Suggested Reading
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Resource Centre - There is an increasing number of resources available, with physical illness the guided meditations are particularly useful, so perhaps it's worth looking over what's available.

Talk to others - We would always suggest consulting with a qualified professional, especially if you feel you need more help than talkingcures can provide. Talking to friends or family will help, it's a healthy thing to do as a problem shared is a problem halved, that's why it's always good to talk.

Weekly Email Interventions - Sign up for our 5 minute Physical Health coaching session. Every week for eight weeks a new 5 minute mini session, focussed on a practical technique to help you develop a healthy mental outlook which could boost your immune system will arrive in your inbox.