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Each session has a suggested reading list that provides more information or background on the session subject. Every book has been been carefully chosen by us because it has something unique or interesting to contribute. The books are detailed below, listed in our five distinct areas, and by session. Each has a link to the Amazon bookstore so you can read the synopsis and 'look inside' the book prior to making a purchase decision.

Our range of free guided therapy and meditation sessions can also be found in here listed under the session topic. Typically they are 15 - 30 minutes in length and are best listened to in a quiet place using headphones.

talkingcures free online therapy negative emotions suggested reading

Negative Emotions Trial Session

Suggested Reading -
Managing Negative Emotions Byron Neil
Declutter Your Mind J. S. Scott & Barrie Davenport
Eliminate Negative Thinking James K. Cardigan
Happiness For Every Day Summersdale Publishers
The Happy Mind Kevin Horsley & Louise Fourie

Dream Interpretation Session

talking cures free online therapy unwanted behaviours reading list

Unwanted Behaviours Trial Session

Suggested ReadingAnger Management Zarmina Penner
Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? Dr Julie Smith

Heal Unwanted Behaviors Dane Stevens
Overcoming Intrusive Thoughts Sally M. Winston & Martin N. Seif

Guided Relaxation Sessions
For Insomnia, Sleep Apnea
Sleep Easy
It's Time To Change

talkingcures free threapy online physical feelings pain headache reading list

Physical Feelings Trial Session

Suggested Reading
What To Say When You Talk To Your Self Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D
Your Body Believes Every Word You Say Barbara Hoberman Levine
The Hollow Bone Of Healing Phoenix Rising Star
One Truth, One Law: I Am, I Create Erin Werley
The Body Keeps The Score Bessel van der Kolk
When the Body Says No Gabor Maté
Mindfulness: The Remarkable Truth Behind Meditation Olivia Telford

talkingcures free therapy online physical illness reading list

Physical Illness Trial Session

Suggested Reading
German New Medicine Katherine Willow ND
The Holographic Universe Michael Talbot
Touch For Health John Thie DC

talkingcures free online life coaching reading list

Life Coaching Trial Session

Suggested Reading
Happy Mind, Happy Life Dr Ranjan Chatterjee
Eliminate Negative Thinking James K. Cardigan
Live Life Easier with more Understanding of Yourself Bob Russo
Atomic Habits James Clear

talkingcures free online therapy suggested reading for the journey of life

Books we have found, useful, enlightening and inspiring.
Conversations With God Neal Donald Walsh
The Celestine Prophecy James Redfield