Sleep Easy - Insomnia Guided Meditations

Find yourself suffering from insomnia, sleeping problems or sleep apnea? Then you may benefit from our free to use guided suggestion audios, Sleep Easy and It's Time To Change. They aid relaxation by first changing the focus of your thoughts using indirect metaphor, whilst providing positive interventions and suggestions that aid the sleep process. Set against a gentle, melodic background the sessions are designed to be listened to when it's time to sleep.

The sessions are complemented by special sounds that naturally reduce the mind into a natural sleep state. They are best listened to using earphones in a quiet, comfortable place where you won't be disturbed.

Guided Relaxation Audio

Session One - Sleep Easy
Session Two - It's Time To Change

It's not unusual to fall asleep during the session, or realise that they are ending without being aware of what went before. These sessions can be used as often as needed.