talkingcures Mission Statement


We want to change the world. A little, or maybe a lot.

We want to change the world by making mental health therapy and coaching immediately and freely available* to anyone who needs it.

What’s the problem?

Increasing numbers of people with mental health issues are on waiting lists, often for many months perhaps even years, to have an appointment with a mental heath therapist. The problem is that there are only so many clients a therapist can see face-to-face. Therapy takes skill and time and therapists only have so much time to give. National Health Service mental health care professionals are excellent but expensive to train and support so there will always be more demand than supply. The need for these services is increasing, not decreasing so there will always be many more clients than available coaches, therapists or counsellors.

The only alternative is private therapy but that can be expensive and out of reach of the majority. The reality for those who need mental health support is that they are either part of the minority who have access to therapy or part of the majority who don't. Until now there has been no middle ground.

Our solution to the problem

We realised early on that we couldn’t change that world by seeing more face-to-face clients. The only realistic option was to encode our expertise into a software application that could be accessed by everyone, online.

Using software based solutions to reduce the human workload is not a new concept in healthcare, where AI is used increasingly to identify symptoms and diagnose illness. However, we believe it’s the first time linguistic based interactive software has been used in this way for mental health.

We totally accept that our interactive talkingcures cannot take the place of a face-to-face session with a mental healthcare professional, that is neither their intention nor purpose. talkingcures therapy coaching sessions have been developed to provide some respite for anyone without access to the help they need right now.

Our sessions are intended as mental health triage for people who need, but don’t have access to a qualified healthcare professional, a way to gain some relief, to open a dialogue, to begin the healing process.

talking cures free help for everyone

We have two desired outcomes for this project:

First, that talkingcures becomes known as a mental health first responder, providing triage for people when they are most in need of support. To be there to begin a dialogue that provides some help, guidance and respite until other traditional services can take over.

Secondly, having established the efficacy of our online, interactive coaching therapy software, our hope is that other mental health care professionals might see its potential and develop interactive applications for their own specialist areas.

That’s how we, at talkingcures, hope to change the world.


*With your help we can change the world a lot. Each interactive session has a cost to deliver which limits the number of sessions we can fund without external support. We are committed to providing free to use, interactive talking cures and that’s why we help fund the site with paid for in-session add-ons. The more support we have from people like you who purchase an add-on, the more free sessions we can provide.