What Is A Talking Cure?

A talking cure could be described as a method of treating psychological disorders using linguistics and an interaction between a therapist and the client. Although the talking cure is a style of therapy that became widely accepted because of the work of Sigmund Freud, the name was originally used to describe the work of Josef Breuer, an Austrian Physician around 1880 whilst treating nervous disorders. Along with talking through the presenting problem with a client Breuer would also use a combination of hypnosis and relaxation to promote positive change.

So, from that perspective the foundations of the talking cure hasn’t changed much in over 140 years. Today, linguistics, hypnosis and relaxation are cornerstones of our talkingcures sessions along with time-line techniques. What has developed in that time is the effectiveness of the linguistic structures, specifically the development of neurolinguistics by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970's.

All major forms of therapy: Psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapies, Behaviour therapy, Cognitive therapy, Humanistic therapy and Integrative or holistic therapy use specific linguistic structures to leverage a result.

talkingcures is a cognitive therapy neurolinguistics hypnosis time line therapy relaxation

Within the context of those five major types of therapy, the sessions available from talkingcures.org could be classified as iterative cognitive therapy. Iterative as it replays client language and cognitive because it is based on the presupposition that the mind processes information in a way that is not dissimilar to a computer. This iterative, cognitive approach to therapy analyses the way the client stores and processes information and how that will then prompt or cause certain behaviours, beliefs or emotions. By replaying language in specific linguistic patterns that change the way information is stored and processed, the result is that behaviours or emotions will also change.

The talkingcures interactive online therapy sessions

Every coaching session consists of three elements.

1. Pre-session - ideas or concepts that will have a direct result on the success of the coaching session are shared and discussed as they will come up during the dialogue. They are important, so please take time to read them.

2. the talkingcure - the interactive iterative, cognitive coaching is delivered as the talking element of a talkingcures sessions and structured using advanced neurolinguistics. It’s a psychological approach that can quickly analyse the strategies the mind uses to process and store information. That’s why it's so well suited to this online, style of therapy. In exactly the same way as our personal, face-to-face therapy or coaching sessions would be, neurolinguistics, hypnosis, relaxation and time-line techniques are the foundation of all our talkingcures sessions.

A talkingcures interactive session will pop-up when the 'Which Session Is Right For Me?' blue button is clicked. It contains a short questionnaire that will, based on your responses, guide you towards the most appropriate talkingcures session for you. So why not experience it for yourself?



3. Post-session - any final thoughts, addition exercises, homework suggestions or resources to help build on the coaching session will be found here. They will help make the most of the session, both now and in the future.

Talkingcures offers a range of free online therapy sessions on five broad topics:

 Negative Emotions

 Unwanted Behaviours

 Physical Feelings

 Physical Illness

 Life Coaching