Needle Phobia - Fifteen Minute Therapy

Needle Phobia - Fifteen Minute Therapy

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In a controlled trial, these twelve techniques removed a thirty-year old phobia in less than two hours.

Are you ready to be finally rid of your fear of needles and injections? If so, it’s easier than you think. The techniques used in this book were so effective they featured in the Daily Mail and Women’s Own magazine.

These Fifteen Minute Therapies provide you with several go to ‘quick fix’ techniques that will help to reduce that old fear or anxiety. They are easy to apply, so that in time of need you can choose a technique and use it to make a noticeable, immediate difference because they work in seconds or minutes rather than hours or days. The techniques can be learnt and applied in under fifteen minutes and once practiced will work instantly to reduce or remove that fear or anxiety.

All the techniques are also available as audio files, so you can listen to them just like you would in a one-to-one therapy session.